Supplying Transcripts from Colleges and Universities Attended

Official transcripts from all colleges and universities attended must be received in unopened, sealed envelopes. Applicants must request an official transcript from each institution they attended.  Schools may send the official transcript directly to the Graduate School (1300 Elmwood Avenue, Cleveland Hall 204, Buffalo, NY 14222) or directly to the applicant.  If sent to the applicant, s/he must submit the unopened transcript along with other application materials to the Graduate School.

Request transcripts from other institutions. Please also review their policies to ensure compliance.

Requesting Buffalo State Transcripts

Official Buffalo State transcripts are not issued directly to students but are forwarded, upon request, to institutions that the student designates. Student copies may be ordered for personal use. A $5 fee is charged for each transcript request. Photo identification is required when picking up student copies. Transcript request forms are available at the Registrar's Office, Moot Hall 210. 

Transcripts will not be furnished for students who have incurred a financial obligation to the college. Transcript requests sent by mail must include the student's name, current address, Social Security number, dates of attendance, graduation date (if applicable), name and address of the party to whom the transcript is to be sent, the student's signature authorizing release of the transcript, and a $5 check or money order payable to Buffalo State. All checks or money orders must include the student's social security number. Transcript requests by telephone cannot be honored.

Requests are filled in the order they are received. Sufficient time is necessary for processing. Requests for transcripts should be made well in advance of the date needed.

Incomplete Transcripts

Conditional admission may be granted to applicants whose baccalaureate or master's degree have not been conferred or whose grades for the current term have not yet closed at the time of application.

Upon confirmation of degree, applicants must send a final official transcript showing the awarding of the degree to the Graduate School. The Graduate School will obtain final transcripts for Buffalo State graduates. Failure to meet this requirement constitutes grounds for rescission of acceptance and cancellation of course enrollment.

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