Students are expected to complete registration within two weeks after they become eligible to register and to attend the first meeting of all classes in which they have enrolled.

Immunization Requirement

All students born on or after January 1, 1957, are required to submit proof of immunization against measles, mumps, and rubella. All students must submit a completed Meningitis Information Response Form indicating immunization or decision not to obtain immunization. Students who do not submit proof of immunizations are not permitted to register. Contact the Weigel Health Center to submit proof of immunizations or for more information at (716) 878-6711.



The department chair/graduate coordinator designates a member of the graduate faculty to serve as an adviser to the student and to assist in planning the course of study. It is the student’s responsibility to seek a conference with the adviser before registration, application to degree candidacy, and application for graduation.


Dropping Courses

Students may drop courses online through the first week of a fall or spring semester or the first two days of a Summer Session or January Term without financial penalty. Officially dropping a course removes all record of the course from the student’s transcript, and no financial penalty is assessed.


Unit of Credit

The credit hour is the unit of course credit. It represents completion of one 50-minute class period per week for one semester. A course having three class periods a week will earn 3 credit hours. Studio, laboratory, and shop classes usually earn 1 credit for each two hours of attendance. The college expects student preparation of two hours for each hour in class.

Withdrawal from Courses

Students who wish to discontinue a course after the drop/add period but before the final withdrawal date (the end of the 10th week of the semester or the equivalent point in a Summer Session or January Term; see Academic Calendar) must complete and submit an official withdrawal form to the Registrar’s Office, Moot Hall 210.

Withdrawal forms are available at most academic department offices. A course from which a student has officially withdrawn remains on the transcript, recorded as W, but does not count in credit hours or GPAs.

Instructors are required to apprise students of their academic standing no later than the end of the ninth week of the semester (or the equivalent point in a Summer Session or Intersemester; see Academic Calendar). If a student stops attending but does not officially withdraw from a class, a grade of E (Failure or unofficial withdrawal) is recorded.

An exception may be made for unusual circumstances beyond the student’s control. In such cases, procedures for Waiver of Academic Regulations apply. Withdrawal from a course may affect eligibility for financial aid in current and future semesters. For additional information about financial aid eligibility, refer to the Financial Aid section of this catalog or

Students withdrawing from coursework may be eligible for a tuition refund in accordance with the schedule. No refunds are issued beyond the end of the refund period.

A student who does not register for any course or withdraws from all courses during his or her first semester should inform the Graduate School.


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