Graduate Faculty Appointment

Graduate faculty status is awarded to faculty who, by virtue of their training, experience, and scholarly accomplishments, are uniquely qualified. The Buffalo State Directory of Policy Statements (DOPS) VI:II:00 lists the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of graduate faculty as follows:

  • May teach graduate courses
  • Shall accept the assignment of graduate advisees and shall serve as mentor or reader for master's thesis or project or independent study for graduate students
  • Shall certify and recommend for graduation all graduate students completing requirements for their respective curricula


Teaching at the graduate level presupposes advanced intellectual or practical achievements; such faculty should demonstrate state-of-the-art or cutting-edge competence in order to provide proper instruction for graduate-level students. Members of the graduate faculty shall hold the highest recognized degrees in their field of specialization together with suitable experiences and scholarly achievements required by the nature of their teaching. Each department shall establish minimum criteria that further clarify the type of training, experience, and demonstrated scholarly activity required.



Appointment to the graduate faculty varies: tenured faculty members may receive permanent appointment to the graduate faculty unless and until that status us revoked by the department committee, department chair, or dean; tenure-track and full-time lecturer appointments may receive terms matching the length of their current contract with the college; adjunct faculty members may be nominated for a one-semester or one-year appointment consistent with the terms of their contracts; faculty members from other campuses may receive graduate faculty status for a particular task, such as serving on a thesis committee or advising a thesis or project.



The department chair shall initiate nominations for graduate faculty status. The nomination packet shall consist of:

  • Completed Graduate Faculty Status Appointment Form 
  • Applicant's current vita
  • List of courses the applicant is qualified to teach
  • For adjunct faculty appointments or in other cases where the candidate does not hold a terminal degree, the chair should attach a brief description of the candidate's training, experience or scholarly activity. This description should provides evidence of the faculty member's special competence to teach the assigned course(s).


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