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AH = Arts and Humanities
ED = Education
NSS = Natural and Social Sciences
PROF = Professions

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Adult Education
Art Conservation
Art and Design
Career and Technical Education
Computer Information Systems
Criminal Justice
Earth Sciences and Science Education
Economics and Finance
Elementary Education and Reading
Engineering Technology
Exceptional Education
Fashion and Textile Technology
Geography and Planning
Great Lakes Center
Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics
Higher Education Administration
History and Social Studies Education
Hospitality and Tourism
International Center for Studies in Creativity
Modern and Classical Languages
Philosophy and Humanities
Political Science
Social and Psychological Foundations of Education
Social Work
Speech-Language Pathology

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Name Current Appointment
Effective Through
Adult Education (ED)
Birden, Susan Permanent  
Fish, Reva Permanent  
Gold, James Permanent  
Hura, Geri Permanent  
Mike, Dennis 1/10/18  
Nikischer, Andrea B. 8/31/20  
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Anthropology (NSS)
Anselmi, Lisa Marie Permanent  
Gaffin, Dennis Permanent  
Hart, Kimberly Permanent  
Maguire, Susan Permanent  
Mayberry, Melanie 1/10/18  
Wieczkowski, Julie Permanent  
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Art Conservation (AH)
Chen, Jiuan-Jiuan 8/31/19  
Hamm, James Permanent  
Ploeger, Rebecca 12/31/19  
Ravines, Patrick Permanent  
Shugar, Aaron Permanent  
Smith, Theresa 8/31/19  
Thornton, Jonathan Permanent  
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Art and Design (AH)
Andrus, Lucy Permanent  
Bae-Dimitriadis, Michelle Permanent  
Masters, Candace Permanent  
Parks, Michael Permanent  
Pennisi, Alice Permanent  
Piccillo, Joseph Permanent  
Shiroki, Kathy 1/10/18  
Siskar, John Permanent  
Bajus, Jozef Permanent  
Friesen, Stanley Permanent  
Kim, Sunhwa Permanent  
Ross, Richard Permanent  
Saracino, Stephen F. Permanent  
Toledano, Colleen 8/31/18  
Townsend, Carol Permanent  
Wood, Robert Permanent  
Derner, David 5/31/17  
Gage, Frances Permanent  
Gorny, Anthony P. Permanent  
Hinderliter, Sarah Beth Permanent  
Jiang, Lin Xia Permanent  
Miller, Joseph Permanent  
Ogle, Philip Permanent  
Payne, Kenneth Permanent  
Stockton, Yola Monhakhov 8/31/19  
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Biology (NSS)
Beahm, Derek 12/31/17  
Easton, Douglas 1/10/18  
Gorsky, Dimitry 8/31/17  
Harper, Lee 8/31/18  
Karatayev, Alexander Y. Permanent  
McMillan, Amy Permanent  
Pennuto, Christopher M. Permanent  
Perez-Fuentetaja, Alicia Permanent  
Pettibone, Gary Permanent  
Potts, Daniel Permanent  
Riessen, Howard Permanent  
Skerrett, I. Martha Permanent  
Snyder, Randal J Permanent  
Spiering, David 12/31/17  
Standora, Edward Permanent  
Wadsworth, Gregory Permanent  
Warren II, Robert Permanent  
White, Tom Permanent  
Zhang, Xiang-Dong 8/31/19  
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Business (PROF)
Ahiarah, SoloChidi Permanent  
DeNisco, John Permanent  
Gupta, Uma Permanent  
Kelly, Joseph Permanent  
Lai, Christine Permanent  
Littman, Michael J. Permanent  
Marecki, Edward 8/31/20  
Mathien, Lorena 8/31/19  
Mulcahy, Kevin F. Permanent  
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Career & Technical Education (ED)  
Bouton-Wales, Danielle 1/10/18  
Brisky, Kathleen 1/10/18  
Capece, Denise 1/10/18  
Davis, Judy 8/11/19  
Greene, Clark 8/31/20  
Gubing, Susan 1/10/18  
Kwandrans, Karen 8/11/17  
Lemieux, Kimberly 1/10/18  
Macho, Steve Permanent  
Monaco, Nanci Permanent  
Palozzi, Denise 12/28/16  
Popovich, N. John Permanent  
Trautman, Anedda 8/11/17  
Zewan, Suzanne 1/10/18  
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Chemistry (NSS)
Al-Saigh, Zeki Y. Permanent  
Bagley, Kimberly Permanent  
Durfee, William Permanent  
Ebert, Gregory W. Permanent  
Giffin, Christine thesis committee  
Goodman, M. Scott Permanent  
Heo, Jinseok Permanent  
Kim Joonyeong Permanent  
Nazarenko, Alexander Y. Permanent  
Pacheco, Maria D. Permanent  
Ploeger, Rebecca 12/31/18  
Ridolfi, Douglas 8/31/20  
Severson, Mark W. Permanent  
Shugar, Aaron Permanent  
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Communication (AH)
Bryski, Bruce G. Permanent  
Marren, Joseph Permanent  
McFarland, S. Diane Permanent  
Niman, Michael Permanent  
Oyer, Seth 8/31/19  
Silverman, Deborah Permanent  
Smith, Ron Permanent  
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Computer Information Systems (PROF)  
Banerjee, Sarbani Permanent  
Demers, David Permanent  
Favata, John Permanent  
Gareau, Stephen Permanent  
Guo, Ruth Permanent  
Rudnicki, Ronald 1/10/18  
Santa Maria, Ramona R. Permanent  
Sherman, Barbara Permanent  
Thompson, John Permanent  
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Criminal Justice (PROF)
Breen, Clairissa 8/31/19  
Cretacci, Michael Permanent  
D'Angelo, Jill Permanent  
Gayadeen, Shashi 8/31/19  
Gillham, James R. Permanent  
Johnson, Scott Permanent  
Dae-Young Kim 8/31/19  
Menasco, Melissa 8/31/20  
Phillips, Scott Permanent  
Skoll, Geoffrey Permanent  
Sobol, James Permanent  
Song, John Permanent  
Szockyj, Elizabeth Permanent  
Wu, Jawjeong Permanent  
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Earth Sciences and Science Education (NSS)  
Bergslien, Elisa Permanent  
Lange, Catherine Permanent  
Meyer, Brian 1/10/18  
Singer, Jill Permanent  
Solar, Gary S. Permanent  
Williams, Kevin K. Permanent  
Zawicki, Joseph Permanent  
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Economics and Finance (NSS)  
Byrley, Theodore Permanent  
Chaas, Eugene 1/10/18  
Davis, Susan Permanent  
Floss, Frederick Permanent  
Ganley, William T. Permanent  
Hayes Jr., Curtis Permanent  
Jo, Tae-Hee Permanent  
Kasper, Victor Permanent  
Kim, Yung Permanent  
Leclaire, Joelle J. Permanent  
Qian, Xingwang Permanent  
Schmidt, Ted Permanent  
Wilcox, John 8/31/18  
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Elementary Education and Reading (ED)  
Arioli, Rosemary 8/31/20  
Ceprano, Maria Permanent  
Chicola, Nancy Permanent  
Cummings, Mary 1/11/21  
del Prado Hill, Pixita Permanent  
Flanagan, Julie 1/10/18  
Freedman, Andrew 5/31/17  
Frey, Susan 5/31/17  
Friedland, Ellen Permanent  
Garas-York, Keli Permanent  
George, Patricia 8/31/21  
Grohman, Sean 5/31/17  
Henry, David Permanent  
Henry, Julie Permanent  
Hunter, Jevon Permanent  
Hyland, Timothy 5/31/17  
Klenk, Laura Permanent  
Lazzaro, Cheryl 1/10/18  
Loehr, Peter W. Permanent  
McCarthy, Dianne Permanent  
Mike, Dennis 1/10/18  
Paskowitz, Fran 1/10/18  
Paterson, Wendy Permanent  
Regan, Douglas 1/10/18  
Schwabel, Kara 1/10/18  
Sexton, Adena 1/10/18  
Shandomo, Hibajene Permanent  
Shively, Christopher 3/1/20  
Smith, Coralee Permanent  
Tredo, Christine 5/31/17  
Truesdell, Kimberly Permanent  
Weber, Sherri 8/31/19  
Weidler, Sarah 5/31/17  
Zhang, Jing Permanent  
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Engineering Technology (PROF)
Devgun, Mohan S. Permanent  
Earshen, John Permanent  
Fiume, Leonard 1/10/18  
Gellin, Slade Permanent  
Goldberg, Stephanie Permanent  
Grinberg, Ilya Permanent  
Hotchkiss, Anthony Permanent  
Kukulka, David J. Permanent  
Mayrose, James Permanent  
McCartney, Susan Permanent  
Stempniak, Richard A. Permanent  
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English (AH)
Ali, Barish Permanent  
Ben-Merre, David Permanent  
Berglund, Lisa Permanent  
Bontempo, Barbara T. Permanent  
Bryant, Timothy J. 8/31/19  
Cercone, James 8/31/19  
Chase, Anthony Permanent  
Chinquee, Kim Permanent  
Colley, Ann Permanent  
Costello, Adrienne Permanent  
Dietz-Faletti, Heidi Permanent  
Fulk, Angela 5/31/17  
Fulk, Mark Permanent  
Herb, Maggie 8/31/19  
Perez, Lorna Permanent  
Ramos, Peter Permanent  
Reigstad, Thomas Permanent  
Ryan-Bryant, Jennifer D. Permanent  
Sands-O'Connor, Karen Permanent  
Todd, Macy 8/31/19  
Twagilimana, Aimable Permanent  
Wahlstrom, Ralph Permanent  
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Exceptional Education (ED)  
Budin, Shannon Permanent  
Bystrak, Elizabeth 5/31/17  
Colon, Gliset 8/31/20  
DiCesare, Dane 1/10/18  
Doody, Kathy 8/31/19  
Gleckel, Warren L. Permanent  
Harris, Judith 8/11/17  
Janczak, Theresa Permanent  
Maheady, Lawrence Permanent  
Meger, Michaelene Permanent  
Miller, Kevin Permanent  
Miller, Melissa 5/31/17  
Palumbo, Kathleen 8/31/19  
Patti, Angela 8/31/19  
Posluszny, Mark. Permanent  
Rafferty, Lisa Permanent  
Raimondi, Sharon L. Permanent  
Ramos Zagarrigo, Awilda Permanent  
Sass, Staci 5/31/17  
Schmidt, Raquel Permanent  
Shapiro, Devorah 1/10/18  
Sommerstein, Lynne 5/31/18  
Vince Garland, Krista 8/31/19  
Zgliczynski, Timothy 1/10/18  
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Fashion and Textile Technology (SOP)
Boorady, Lynn Permanent  
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Geography and Planning (NSS)  
Frothingham, Kelly Permanent  
Hartloff, Jesse thesis committee  
Holmgren, Camille Permanent  
Irvine, Kimberley N. Permanent  
Mix, Wende A. Permanent  
Pickard, Scott 1/10/18  
Tang, Tao Permanent  
Unghire, Joshua 1/10/18  
Vanchan, Vida Permanent  
Vermette, Stephen J. Permanent  
Wieczorek, William Permanent  
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Great Lakes Center (NSS)
Clapsadl, Mark D. Permanent  
Karatayev, Alexander Y. Permanent  
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Health, Nutrition, and Dietetics (NSS)
Cardina, Catherine 9/1/19  
Colaizzo-Anas, Tina Permanent  
Denysschen, Carol Permanent  
Oh, Suk Permanent  
Rao, Tejaswini Permanent  
Scheira, Thomas 1/10/18  
Wende, Karl 6/30/18  
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Higher Education Administration (PROF)  
Davis, Wanda Permanent  
Durand, Bonita Permanent  
Gaston-Marsh, Latonia Permanent  
Gold, Molly 5/31/17  
Gold, James A. Permanent  
Jackson, Kimberly Permanent  
Kline, Kim Permanent  
Maldonado, Heather Permanent  
Nayor, Greg 5/31/17  
Priester, Thomas 1/10/18  
Santana, Pedro 5/31/17  
Sauter, John 5/26/17  
VanDerLinden, Kim 5/31/18  
Wilson, Amy 8/31/19  
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History and Social Studies Education (NSS)  
Abromeit, John Permanent  
Carson, David Permanent  
Chesterton, Bridget Permanent  
Conides, Cynthia Permanent  
DiLandro, Daniel Permanent  
Ederer, Martin Permanent  
Fryar, Christienna 8/31/18  
Gradwell, Jill Permanent  
Hauser, Reine 1/10/18  
Lazich, Michael C. Permanent  
Mernitz, Ken Permanent  
Michaels, Albert Permanent  
Mitchell, William Permanent  
Nicholls, Andrew Permanent  
Norman, York Permanent  
Orosz, Kenneth Permanent  
Peraza, Steven 12/31/19  
Weekly, Nancy 8/31/18  
Wiedemer, Noelle 1/10/18  
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Hospitality and Tourism (PROF)  
Mulcahy, Kevin F. Permanent  
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International Center for Studies in Creativity (PROF)  
Acar, Selcuk 8/31/20  
Burnett, Cynthia Permanent  
Cabra, John F. Permanent  
Firestien, Roger 1/10/18  
Fox, Jon Michael 8/31/19  
Keller-Mathers, Susan Permanent  
Mamnoon, Ismet 7/31/18  
Puccio, Gerard J. Permanent  
Rife, Shari 7/21/17  
Swiatek, Erica 6/23/17  
Switalski, Laura 8/11/17  
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Mathematics (NSS)
Bayram, Saziye Permanent  
Brimkov, Valentin Permanent  
Carbonara, Joaquin Permanent  
Cunningham, Daniel Permanent  
Cushman, Jane Permanent  
Ghosh, Chaitali Permanent  
Giambrone, Thomas Permanent  
Gupta, Ashok 1/10/18  
Hole, George Permanent  
McMillen, Susan Permanent  
Mercer, Peter Permanent  
Morton, Jeffrey 8/31/18  
Nagowski, Matthew 1/10/18  
O'Dell, Robin Permanent  
Rudnicki, Ronald 1/10/18  
Sanders, Robin Permanent  
Sun, Bruce 8/31/19  
Viglietti, Janine M. 8/31/19  
Wilson, David Permanent  
Wuertzer-Magner, Jodelle Permanent  
Xu, Hongliang Permanent  
Yuen, Chris 1/10/18  
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Modern and Classical Languages (AH)  
Grace, Lee Ann Permanent  
Guiati, Andrea Permanent  
Hovland, Deborah Permanent  
Kirby, Carol Permanent  
Neira, Raul Permanent  
Summers, Robert Permanent  
Warford, Mark Permanent  
White, William Permanent  
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Music (AH)
Bewlay, Holly Permanent  
Boyce, Emily Permanent  
Fleming, Rick Permanent  
Filsinger, Mark 1/2/19  
Furby, Victoria Permanent  
Guzski, Carolyn Permanent  
Henriques, J. Thomas Permanent  
Mancuso, Charles Permanent  
Renzoni, Kerry 8/31/19  
Witakowski, Thomas Permanent  
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Philosophy and Humanities (AH)  
Blessing, Kimberly Permanent  
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Physics (NSS)
DeMarco, Michael J. Permanent  
Ettestad, David J. Permanent  
Henry, David Permanent  
MacIsaac, Dan Permanent  
Rai, Ram Permanent  
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Political Science (NSS)  
Baek, Kyeonghi Permanent  
Buonanno, Laurie Permanent  
Cappella, Betty Permanent  
Caviedes, Alexander 1/10/18  
Ceesay, Atta 8/31/20  
DeCarlo, Frank 1/10/18  
Leuthe, James 1/10/18  
McGovern, Patrick Permanent  
Miner, Edwin 1/10/18  
Neal, Anthony T. Permanent  
Pendleton, Michael S. Permanent  
Reyes-Mariano, Miguel 1/10/18  
Rivera, Jason 8/31/19  
Rochelle, Sharon 5/31/17  
Soni, Suparna 8/31/20  
Stone, Kenneth 1/10/18  
Yacobucci, Peter Permanent  
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Psychology (NSS)
Delprino, Robert Permanent  
DiPirro, Jean Permanent  
Foraker, Stephani Permanent  
Hennessy, Dwight Permanent  
Hunt, Jennifer Permanent  
Karuza Jr., Jurgis Permanent  
MacLean, Michael Permanent  
Norvilitis, Jill Permanent  
Reid, Howard M. Permanent  
Schuetze-Pizarro, Pamela Permanent  
Zborowski, Michael Permanent  
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Social & Psychological Foundations of Education (ED)  
Dokshansky, Elena 1/10/18  
Fish, Reva Permanent  
Gold, James Permanent  
Iorio, John 1/10/18  
Mattai, P. Rudy Permanent  
Means, Alexander 8/31/20  
Nikischer, Andrea 8/31/18  
Nyachae, Tiffany 5/31/18  
Scheira, Thomas 1/10/18  
Summers, Robert Permanent  
Todd, Mary Permanent  
White, William Permanent  
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Social Work (PROF)
Hilarski, Carolyn Permanent  
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Sociology (NSS)
Krieg, Eric Permanent  
Newmahr, Staci Permanent  
Shelton, Allen Permanent  
Wall, Amitra Dr. Permanent  
Welborn, Gary S. Permanent  
Zhang, Jie Permanent  
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Speech-Language Pathology (PROF)
Bailey-Jones, Karen Permanent  
Budin, Kathryn 1/10/18  
Cincotti, Theresa 8/31/19  
DeLarco, Angela 1/10/18  
Felsenfeld, Susan Permanent  
Fulcher-Rood, Katrina 8/31/19  
Heximer, Christopher Permanent  
Insalaco, Deborah Permanent  
Maldonado III, Camilo 8/31/20  
Man Kahris, Sara 8/31/18  
McNerney, Kathleen 8/31/19  
Mule, Christina 8/31/19  
Qualls, Constance D. Permanent  
Roberts, Tamara 1/10/18  
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Permanent appointments are granted to tenured faculty members only.


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