Academic Advisement

Each student must convene a principal academic advisor and additional committee members, if required by the principal advisor.  Identification of a principal adviser and his or her consent to serve as PA is required for admission to multidisciplinary studies. (Note: International cohort students studying under the International Graduate Program for Educators should contact the center's director for more information.)

It is the student's responsibility to initiate and maintain an effective relationship with the advisory committee. Students are encouraged to seek advisement frequently throughout their studies.

Student Responsibilities

Advisement is crucial to the multidisciplinary studies major's success. Students are encouraged to initiate and maintain consistent contact with their principal adviser and committee members throughout their studies. Key points of interactions with the entire advisory committee are:

  • Application to graduate study (principal advisor only)
  • Submission of Candidacy Application (program of study, principal advisor and committee members approval)
  • Master's thesis or project proposal and registration; submission of drafts of thesis or project
  • Oral defense of thesis or project.

Advisement is not limited to these interactions. Students are encouraged to view the advisory committee members as resources and to seek their assistance and advisement frequently.

Committee Composition Requirements

  1. Committee members must be a member of the graduate faculty at Buffalo State. See the Graduate Faculty Roster for a current list of members.
  2. Students obtain a Prinicipal Adviser when they apply for admission to graduate study. The remaining committee members may be obtained when the student completes degree candidacy application (when between 6 and 12 credits are completed at Buffalo State).
  3. One member of the committee (except the principal adviser) may be a graduate faculty member at another accredited college or university. Submit a copy of the non-Buffalo State faculty's vita to the principal adviser and the Graduate School Office for approval.
  4. It is the student's responsibility to obtain the service of the advisory committee members. Assistance is available from the principal adviser or the Coordinator of Multidisciplinary Studies.

Principal Adviser Responsibilities

  • To convene a minimum of two meetings of the entire Program Advisory Committee while the student's program is in progress. The initial meeting is to assist the student in developing a program of study (candidacy) and approving the candidacy. The second meeting is for the student's oral defense of the master's project or thesis. The grade for the project/thesis should not be submitted until it is satisfactorily defended before the entire Program Advisory Committee.
  • To provide advisement throughout the course of study and to review and approve requested changes to the approved candidacy.
  • To attest to the student's successful completion of his/her degree program (sign the graduation application).

Advisory Committee Responsibilities

The PA works with the student to select additional graduate faculty members, if required, to serve on his or her advisory committee. The entire program advisory committee approves the student's plan of study (candidacy application) and the thesis or project, and attests to the student's successful completion of the approved coursework (graduation application approval).

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